Top Ecommerce Tools of the Year 2015!

Looking back at 2015, it was a stand out year for the release of some AMAZING ecommerce tools. I had the self-imposed goal of only allowing 6 tools to make this list – and it came down to the wire! (Maybe on a future episode, I’ll discuss the Honorable Mentions.)

There were 3 criteria that I used:

  1. The tool must have generated a BIGGER return on investment than the cost of the tool.
  2. It must perform & function well.  Did the tool function as advertised with minimum bugs?
  3. Did the tool allow me to achieve SEVERAL goals at once using the tool? (eg. One of the tools that made my list, called Click Funnels, allows me to rank a product AND build a buyer list AND launch new products. Whenever possible, I want the tool to be able to produce multiple benefits to me, not just one.)

Yesterday, I rushed out my podcast on my Top Books of the Year for 2015. Likewise, I rushed out today’s podcast which you can find below, along with resource links where you can find all 6 tools that made my top picks!

Step 1. Watch my Video called “Top Ecommerce Tools of 2015”

Step 2. Here is the list of top tools with links:

  1. “Click Funnels” – Build Ecommerce Funnels & Webpages
    Get this tool right here:
  2. “KIPRT” – My all time favorite product picking / research tool, ever
    Get this tool right here:
  3. “Review Sniper” – Get Reviews from Top 10,000 Amazon Reviewers
    Get this tool right here:
  4. “Manage By Stats” – Like Having Your Own CFO + Email Append Service
    Get this tool right here:
  5. “Azon Seller Tools” – Get Notices On Reviews, Q’s, Feedback
    Get this tool right here:
  6. “Feedback Genius” – Amazon Autoresponder
    Get this tool right here: