Episode #32: The Best Review Getting Email for Amazon, Ever

There is a world of difference between a five star review that is only a few words … versus … a five star review that is three or four paragraphs long, well-written, descriptive, and “gushing” with love for your product.

A listing packed with “gushing” quality reviews, will have an enormously high Conversion Rate vs. listings without.

How To Get Gushing Five Star Reviews On Your Amazon Listing?

The best email we have ever used to stimulate and cause quality gushing reviews is The Open Loop Email. This is the second email that we send after someone purchases our Amazon product.

It is designed to elicit a response from the customer.

We have found that when we can get a customer to reply, that they are now engaged and emotionally involved in the marketing process.

Their odds of leaving a five star review go up substantially … and … depending on how they reply, they will leave us a Rave Review!

And, Head Off Negative Reviews!

Alternatively, you will also flush out potential negative reviews in advance! This allows you to fix their problem, provide Raving Fan level customer service, and turn a potentially negative review into a five star review.

So, there is literally no downside to this. Only upside!

Step #1. Watch this Video

Step #2. Download a Copy of Our “Open Loop Review Getting Email” Here: