The BEST package insert trick, ever!

Imagine you bought a dog bark collar.

Inside the box, was a little business card that looked like this:


Go ahead and actually visit this link to see what the customers experience:

I actually want you to click on that link … and see the little “ninja” psychology trick that I am using here!

Oh and here is the thank you page they see after give us their email address …

How cool was that!

I hope you see the little “trick” we are using here. Can you guess what it is?

The tactic is…

Use a package insert that drives them to YOUR website, and once they are there you give a big fat incentive to hand over their email address.

“win free stuff … get free product … get AMAZING discounts no one else gets” – that sort of stuff.

In the process you’re also wow’ing the customer with your folksy, fun, useful video.

This WORKS like crazy.

It causes people to leave better reviews, too, because they have a better user experience.

This two-step funnel can work wonders in your business. All you need to do is grab your iPhone and make a quick instructional video for your product.

We are talking 5 minutes tops, to record.

It doesn’t have to be Martin Scorsese!

Just knock it out.

This funnel will then work tirelessly for you (24-7) building you a list of buyers, who you can launch future products to and build an excited community around your brand.

Want to download this exact funnel – right now?

I built it in a tool called – ClickFunnels.

Clickfunnels has been a game changer for my ecommerce business. No one is using “funnels” in ecommerce, and the opportunity is wide open for us!

I am loving that with Clickfunnels we can now push out all these funnels and ecommerce high converting webpage templates to my Fast Trackers and clients!

You WILL need a clickfunnels account to have the ability to download all these funnels into your account. If you have not done the 14-day free trial yet, definitely grab it now then you’ll be all set moving forward:

After you’ve registered, send an email to THIS email address right here:

[email protected]

I set up that email to automatically forward you the link, to download this with one-click to your ClickFunnels account so you can literally implement this TODAY in your business.

This is a terrific (and my current favorite) package insert strategy!

Enjoy. And profit!