Special Video Mix – Ben in St. Barths & Finding YOUR St. Barths!

We got back from St Barths last night at 12:02 am. Booooo! 

However, for those of you who care… 

I made a short “St Barths Island Video Mix” of fun stuff that I was unable to show you on Periscope, since the island cell phone signal is not exactly the best.

Then again, if you’re in St. Barths the LAST thing you should be doing is playing with your damn smartphone anyway, right?  You will find the video at the bottom of this post. 

While we’re on the topic of things that are “special” to me …

I have a really EXCITING announcement to make!

It is official…

I have decided to reopen registration for my “Ecommerce Fast Track Monthly Coaching” training one final time in 2015. (Insert the wild applause here 🙂

My fast track coaching program has probably had more amazon and ecommerce success stories, than any other program in history.

Now, I don’t know how the hell to PROVE that, but it sure seems like it based on the great results my students are achieving month after month.

That’s not hype.  Just read the unsolicited Facebook comments that hundreds of people have made about it.

The only thing that I haven’t told you yet is the date that we are reopening this. 

It will only be open for 3 days. That’s it. 

It is a date that you will definitely want to note in your calendar.

I’ll be sharing the exact date with you tomorrow, once we finalize everything. 

It will be sometime in early December.

So stay tuned. 

In the mean time, enjoy this special St. Barths Video Mix: