EEP #351 – Blunt Force Success Pt. 8: Eliminating Your List of Fears, One By One!

On this episode, we continue our “Blunt Force Success” series with our eighth topic: Eliminating your list of fears... one by one!

  • In my study of the most successful entrepreneurs, athletes, educators, you name it — if they are successful, they once had CRIPPLING FEARS that, if they allowed to stop them from taking action, you never would have heard of these people.
  • So on this podcast, we are going to rip back the band-aid, look under the rocks, and scrutinize YOUR list of fears… with the plan to eradicate, eliminate and destroy their power over you, one by one.
  • This is a great topic to discuss as we end 2019… so sit back, relax, and let’s get started!
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