EEP #349 – Blunt Force Success Pt. 6: Generating Goals

On this episode, we continue our “Blunt Force Success” series with our sixth topic: Generating Goals!

  • I am sure that, if you’ve been around any personal development books, you’ve been exposed to the idea of goal setting. But from my experience, these goal setting books are written by a lot of people that might be good at writing books, but they’re not real good at actually ACCOMPLISHING goals.
  • I say this immodestly, but Traian and I have an excellent (almost unrivaled) track record when it comes to our ability to set - and achieve - nearly every goal we set. We are NOT some species of super hero. Instead, we have figured out a few things about the art and science of setting goals, which we are going to dive into during today’s podcast.
  • If you want a bigger, better, more vibrant life, then the path to that is learning to set and achieve goals. You’re going to LOVE this episode, so sit back, relax, and let’s get started!
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