EEP #348 – Blunt Force Success Pt. 5: Uncovering & Unleashing Your Dreams

On this episode, we continue our “Blunt Force Success” series with our fifth topic: Uncovering & Unleashing Your Dreams!

  • When I was around 20 years old, I did something has forever changed the trajectory of my life: I sat down, and made a Dreams list. A list of every desire, dream, wish, or goal, listed one right after the other.
  • Doing so unleashed my imagination and inspired me like nothing else I’ve ever done. Maybe you’ve forgotten some of your dreams? Or maybe you’ve been afraid to expose them to the light of day?
  • Well, on this podcast, I hope to inspire you to revisit your dreams list. And you will soon understand why it is your dreams that act as the fuel, the turbo boosters, behind your goals!
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