EEP #325 – Help Me! What Got Me to 7 Figures Won’t Work to Get Me to 8 Figures. What Should I Focus on to Explode to the Next Level?

Welcome back to our HELP ME podcast series!

  • You, our dear listener, reached out to us and said "Ben & Traian, HELP ME with some aspect of this business.” Well, we have thrown the saddle onto our white steeds, and are riding in to the rescue!  
  • On this episode, a listener reached out and said, "Help Me! What got me to 7 figures won't work to get me to 8 figures. What should I focus on to explode to the next level?"
  • We are going to give you some of our thoughts and advice for this, that will enable you to scale your business! You're going to love the HELP ME series, so sit back, relax, and let's get started!