Does this drive you CRAZY?

A few weeks ago I ordered a bunch of selfie sticks.

Yeah, those annoying things you see people using at Disney World to take pictures with.

I’ve been buying a bunch of selfie sticks lately for my Periscope show.

Most of them SUCK.

One of the selfies sticks I got, really drives me crazy.

– It had ZERO instruction.

– ZERO info on the box about how to use it

– ZERO effort or energy to make me even want to keep the thing!

** Aside – Big potential here for one of you to private label a HIGH QUALITY selfie stick, that you vet by first getting LOTS of samples from China, rebrand under a high end looking logo, charge a premium price to differentiate yours from the crap, and you could crush it on Amazon. And for God’s sake make sure you include some clear instructions with pictures to get people USING the selfie as fast as possible! 



That drives me CRAZY. The sheer laziness of that private labeler.

This guy squandered a huge opportunity to turn me from “one-time purchaser” into a lifelong repeat buyer.

Especially when it is actually EASY to turn amazon buyers into REPEAT BUYERS who buy over and over again.

That’s the secret to building a huge amazon business.

Moving them from “one time buyer” to “lifelong repeat buyer.”

I have a special formula we’ve come up with to make the repeat buying AUTOMATIC, that has worked wonders in our business.

Those of you who are in my paid fast track coaching program, will be learning my process on Friday’s training class.

It can TRANSFORM your amazon/ecommerce business.

“But Ben, I’m not in your fast track program, how do I participate?”

I promised to announce the date and time when we would be re-opening my Ecommerce fast track coaching.

I have those details for you below …


Drum roll please …

We reopen Fast Track registration on…

Wednesday, December 2nd at 7AM EST.

Mark your calendar! Registration will be open for three days only. Then it will be closed again for at least 6 months.

This is a project that I do on the side, when I’m not building our fast growing ecommerce business & it’s just me and the wife running things.

That’s why we only reopen this 1x or 2x’s annually. Despite people always hounding me to let them in.


Lastly, and I’ve always been upfront about this …

I don’t even know how much longer I will be keep my fast track coaching going.

My goal was NEVER to be an “ecommerce coach.”

I am first and foremost an entrepreneur.

My goal is to build several LARGE consumer brands and eventually sell my company and retire to St. Barths.

I literally fell into all this coaching stuff, and it took on a life of it’s own! (Thank you by the way!)

While the money and recognition are nice, there is just WAY more leverage in me focusing on growing my ecommerce businesses.

Therefore, you need to know that I ONLY plan to keep doing my fast track coaching program until:

(a) I don’t have anything useful to share


(b) I will close it down when my ecommerce business reaches a certain monthly sales number

That means that if you like “The Ben Cummings Way”, and my approach to business, then this might be the last time to enjoy the ride together.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed everything that I do.

I pour my heart and soul into it.

If you’d like to be part of my inner circle of uber successful ecommerce entrepreneurs, who really seem to get value from having an inside look at what I do each month in my ecommerce biz, then be sure you get yourself on the fast track waiting list to get an email on the day that we reopen this:
Talk soon –

Ben Cummings