Episode #33: The Best Negotiating Email, Ever!

There is an art and science to negotiating with manufacturers. We have it down to an absolute science. We use a specific 5 step email process to get some of the best pricing and terms of anyone that I know.

I want to give you a gift. Below you will be able to download one of our most powerful Negotiating Email Templates from inside our seven figure ecommerce business.

Why You Must Be Using a Negotiating Process

You cannot just “wing it” when contacting suppliers.

I look at it this way.

I can make more money per hour than any other activity, when I am negotiating.

It might take me only 30 seconds to send one of my Negotiating Email templates to a factory.

In the 30 seconds it takes to shoot off that email … it might easily save me $2,000 on that one order!

30 seconds of my time, to produce $2000.

Not a bard ROI on my time!

That equates to $240,000 per hour that I am making, when negotiating.

And, It Sets The Expectation ‘Frame’

We are sourcing a lot of products.

If I am able to save $2000 (or more) on every order over the course of a year … plus I have a way to get free inserts and other concessions later on in that process … plus save money on subsequent re-orders …that really adds up fast!

Negotiating “hard” with a factory has another hidden benefit.

It sets up an expectation ‘frame’.

Meaning, they know that you are not a push-over and that you expect aggressive pricing.

They have gone through our negotiating process and it firmly establishes this frame upfront. The result is that we almost NEVER have a supplier raise prices on us later … and … we save even more money when we place future re-orders.

Big Tip! ALWAYS ask for a price discount every time you place a reorder.


Every time.

(And we have an email template for that too!)

You might wonder:  “Ben, why did you develop Email Templates for this processes?”

For three reasons:

  1. It would force me to adhere to a disciplined negotiating process when sourcing products.
  2. It guarantees that we get the lowest possible pricing, and maximize our margins
  3. I could now hand off my Email Templates to my team … and now they could do all the sourcing for me, and replicate my results! I love leverage like that.

For these reasons, it is critical that you operate from a “System” when negotiating … and never, ever wing it.

If you’re in my Fast Track Coaching program and want my templates and system…

In the “Bonus” section of your membership dashboard, you should watch two videos that will teach you my process & approach:

  • “How to Negotiate Rock Bottom Prices With China, Even If You’re A Scaredy Cat”
  • And, you also should watch the July 2015 “Speech #2” from the Live Event (Also found in the bonus section)

I will also be teaching a Revised and more recent (and complete) version of our ENTIRE Negotiating Process along with the “Re-Order” Email Template, on the December fast track training webinar.

I will also for the first time teach where we hired our full time “Sourcing” employee – we pay her only $500/mo – and exactly how we have her do all the sourcing for us now.

Grab The Best Negotiating Email Template, Right Here:

I want to give all my fans a gift. Below you will find one of my most powerful negotiating email template, that we use inside our business. This is the exact email that we send after getting initial quotes. Enjoy!

Step 1. Watch this Video

Step 2. Download a Copy of Our “Negotiating Email Template” Here:



Episode #32: The Best Review Getting Email for Amazon, Ever

There is a world of difference between a five star review that is only a few words … versus … a five star review that is three or four paragraphs long, well-written, descriptive, and “gushing” with love for your product.

A listing packed with “gushing” quality reviews, will have an enormously high Conversion Rate vs. listings without.

How To Get Gushing Five Star Reviews On Your Amazon Listing?

The best email we have ever used to stimulate and cause quality gushing reviews is The Open Loop Email. This is the second email that we send after someone purchases our Amazon product.

It is designed to elicit a response from the customer.

We have found that when we can get a customer to reply, that they are now engaged and emotionally involved in the marketing process.

Their odds of leaving a five star review go up substantially … and … depending on how they reply, they will leave us a Rave Review!

And, Head Off Negative Reviews!

Alternatively, you will also flush out potential negative reviews in advance! This allows you to fix their problem, provide Raving Fan level customer service, and turn a potentially negative review into a five star review.

So, there is literally no downside to this. Only upside!

Step #1. Watch this Video

Step #2. Download a Copy of Our “Open Loop Review Getting Email” Here: