EEP #390 – Traian’s #1 Negotiating Tactic with Suppliers!

On this episode, Traian delves into his #1 tactic to negotiate with suppliers!

EEP #389 – The Best Go-To Sourcing Strategies for 2020

On this episode, we are going to discuss the best go-to sourcing tactics for 2020!

  • This coincides with the exciting release of Traian's brand new course called Sourcing for Pennies, which you can get more info on by going to:
  • This will be a really exciting podcast, chock full of real world tips, so sit back, relax, and let’s get started!

EEP #388 – Help! I Don’t Have a Big Budget. What’s the Best Way to Source a Private Label Product?

On this podcast, we had a listener write in and say: "Help! I don't have a big budget. What's the best way I can source a private label product?"

EEP #387 – Christensen’s “How to Measure Your Life” (Review)

On this podcast, I am doing a review of Clayton Christensen’s "How Will You Measure Your Life?”, which was a really insightful Harvard Business Review article.

  • This is an article which was audacious enough to propose a roadmap for helping you to achieve a fulfilled life. Apple's Steve Jobs said he was "deeply influenced" by Clayton Christensen, and I think this article contains several gems of particular value to us Amazon entrepreneurs!

EEP #386 – The Art and Science of UPC Codes (and Mistakes People Make)

On this episode, we're going to discuss the world's most BORING subject, but an IMPORTANT subject to Amazon sellers - and that is - the art and science of using UPC codes!

EEP #385 – A Billionaire’s Wisdom Applied!

We are going to discuss a tweet posted by James Clear, based on a quote from Warren Buffett's right-hand man, Charlie Munger, in which he said:

"Take a simple idea, and take it seriously."

EEP #384 – The Ivy Lee Method: The Daily Routine for Peak Productivity

On this episode, we discuss the Ivy Lee Method!

EEP #383 – How to Craft a “Call to Action” in Your Amazon Listing!

On this episode, we’re going to discuss how to create a strong call to action in your Amazon listing.

EEP #382 – Back From the Future Thinking

On this episode, you’re going to learn a powerful money-making system called “Back From the Future Thinking!”

EEP #381 – 6 Things You Can Do Today That Will Pay HUGE Dividends in Your Future

On this episode, our topic is “6 Things You Can Work on Today That Will Pay HUGE Dividends in Your Future!”

  • We have each identified specific action items, areas of focus, and things you can do TODAY, that can yield enormous dividends in your Amazon business.
  • If you’ve been adrift or just looking for some specific money-making ideas, you’re going to LOVE this episode!
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