EEP #395 – GET READY! How to Prepare for the Big Holiday Sales on Amazon!

On this podcast, Traian and I discuss how to get ready and prepare for the REALLY BIG holiday sales that are coming on Amazon!

EEP #394 – Is This the Most Important Election EVER?

On this week’s podcast, we are going to tackle a controversial topic on the mind of just about everyone: the US Presidential election!

  • If you hate politics and don't want to hear anything about Trump or Biden, I ask that you give me the gift of an open mind.
  • That's because I am going to explain why I think this election is probably The Most Important Election EVER for Entrepreneurs; why you should vote on your self-interests and not with your emotions, and exactly what I recommend you do in this election.
  • The stakes have never been higher for you as an entrepreneur, and if you’ll give me the gift of an open mind, then this might be one of the most useful episodes you’ll listen to all year!
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EEP #393 – The Golden Keywords: How Six Keywords Attract 80-90% of Amazon Sales (and How to Identify Them)

On this episode, we discuss what we call “The Golden Keywords!”

  • What are Golden Keywords? Well, did you know that our research has shown that just six keywords will typically attract 80-90% of Amazon sales for a product? Just SIX!
  • When Amazon sellers hear this, they are shocked, but on this podcast we will explain why this often occurs, our thoughts on Golden Keywords, and how to profit from this idea.
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EEP #392 – “What’s the First Thing I Should Do Before I Launch a Product?”

On this episode, we got in a question from a listener who asked: “Ben, Traian — what's the first thing I should do before I launch a product?"

EEP #391 – The Best Go-To Logistics Idea(s) for 2020

On this episode, we discuss "the best go-to logistics ideas for 2020,” which coincides with the recent release of Traian's brand new course called Sourcing for Pennies.

EEP #390 – Traian’s #1 Negotiating Tactic with Suppliers!

On this episode, Traian delves into his #1 tactic to negotiate with suppliers!

EEP #389 – The Best Go-To Sourcing Strategies for 2020

On this episode, we are going to discuss the best go-to sourcing tactics for 2020!

  • This coincides with the exciting release of Traian's brand new course called Sourcing for Pennies, which you can get more info on by going to:
  • This will be a really exciting podcast, chock full of real world tips, so sit back, relax, and let’s get started!

EEP #388 – Help! I Don’t Have a Big Budget. What’s the Best Way to Source a Private Label Product?

On this podcast, we had a listener write in and say: "Help! I don't have a big budget. What's the best way I can source a private label product?"

EEP #387 – Christensen’s “How to Measure Your Life” (Review)

On this podcast, I am doing a review of Clayton Christensen’s "How Will You Measure Your Life?”, which was a really insightful Harvard Business Review article.

  • This is an article which was audacious enough to propose a roadmap for helping you to achieve a fulfilled life. Apple's Steve Jobs said he was "deeply influenced" by Clayton Christensen, and I think this article contains several gems of particular value to us Amazon entrepreneurs!

EEP #386 – The Art and Science of UPC Codes (and Mistakes People Make)

On this episode, we're going to discuss the world's most BORING subject, but an IMPORTANT subject to Amazon sellers - and that is - the art and science of using UPC codes!

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