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Here's what people are saying about Ben Cummings

Jay Kamhi - "Makes $160,000 in ONE DAY, Thanks to Ben Cummings"

Jay used my Fast Track Ecommerce Coaching methods to make $160k sales in ONE DAY, and $500,000 in a month and got his product featured nationally on FOX news. Here's an email he wrote to me about his success with fast track:

Jay Kamhi

Raj Jana - "$200,000/month on Amazon in 1 Year. Now debt free"

One of my students Raj, used our Fast Track Ecommerce Coaching methods to build a $200k/month amazon business within a year, despite the fact that Raj is under 25 years old and started out with almost no money. He was able to pay off ALL of his crushing college debt within 12 months, thanks to fast track. Here's the Thank You card he mailed me: 

Raj Jana

Dean Glosup - "Thriving amazon business doing $106k/month"

Dean Glosup

Ann Parks - "Without Ben Cummings I Would Have Quit Already"

Ann Parks

Michael Flynn - "Don't Be a Rookie"

Michal Flynn

Mark Roycroft - "Best $$ You Will Invest In Your Business"

Mark Roycroft

Paul Zemenides - "Ben's Fast Track Coaching is INCREDIBLE"

Paul Zemenides

Nick Sasaki - "Ben Cummings Shares EVERYTHING He's Doing"

Nick Sasaki

Jim Mcfadzean - "Best Business Decision We Ever Made"

Jim Mcfadzean

About Ben Cummings

Ben Cummings is a successful ecommerce seller and life-long entrepreneur. Unlike other trainers who only run businesses in their nightmares, Ben has been in the trenches for over six years, slugging it out in the marketplace, and finding success.  Out of demand to find out how Ben was pulling off his unusual successes on the world's largest ecommerce site, he reluctantly launched his flagship ecommerce coaching called "Fast Track Coaching." Out of this underground program, have emerged dozens of seven figure FBA sellers, and thousands of students who now earn excellent full-time livings through private labeling physical products. If you want real-world and no-nonsense advice, from a straight talking ecommerce entrepreneur, then you've found your home.

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